About Us
STRATEGICAL BRAND your THOUGHT, IDEA, DREAM or VISION into a GLOBAL BRAND.....Then, we make you a GLOBAL ENTITY that's recognized everywhere!

We design compelling campaigns across any combination of media, and infuse new energy into your existing brand through design and creative delivery of your messages.

Once a plan is in place, we manage the creation and delivery of all marketing content and communications.  We provide branding opportunities only you can own, the tipping scale, that will allow us to shape the evolution of your brand to forge a powerful bond between brand and audience.

Our award-winning team of Marketing Brand Strategists, designers and digital experts develop detailed marketing plans and timelines. Branding & Public Relations are our number one goals in guaranteeing the success of a project even from it's embryonic visionary stage!
Our cutting edge, state-of-the-art business approach sets us apart from everyone else and gives our clients a class A experience!

Out of the Box PR Rebels- The HELPPPP Agency works closely with our Clients & Companies, we value integrity and accountability, and measure our success in terms of the satisfaction of each client. Our clients receive a level of attention and commitment they will not receive anywhere else! 

Out of the Box PR Campaigns- We have the most EXPERIENCED publicist that understand what it takes to produce an effective campaign

Out of the Box PR Creators- We CREATE the atmosphere, the story and the narrative to assure a successful outcome through CREATIVE public relation services!